Finally after months of work the new print release is ready to roll out!

I rarely do prints because it’s quite hard to translate my work into print format so I tried something completely different and unique for this.

It’s a complete alphabet. A through to Z in my own ‘graffiti’ (wild) style.

I wanted to look back at reference points for my more abstract works and it always comes back to the letters I drew when I was younger.

I’m really excited about this release. I hope you like it!

So the print is released tomorrow: 10/07/15 from –

Thirty years ago I embarked on a journey to become a style writer. I began drawing letters and coming up with names to write and draw. Over those 30 years I have reimagined and redesigned every letter of the alphabet countless times so I wanted to put that timescale into a compact idea and so the idea for my alphabet print came about. Hundreds of graffiti writers have made and designed full alphabets, it’s nothing new. But this is mine and my first ever alphabet print.
The letters that I drew constantly during all those years still reference the paintings I make now. The colours I use and the forms I experiment with all stem from that initial alphabet…

A lot of people who know my current work don’t even know my history as a style writer or graffiti writer as some prefer to say. So hopefully this print will give those people some context and incite into my history.

The prints come in 4 initial colour ways; grey and grey, yellow and blue, pink and grey and pink and blue bevelled. Plus 7 one off artist proofs and 3 hand painted editions.
49cm x 72cm deckled to the edge and printed on 300gsm Somerset Satin paper.
Limited to only 48 main editions plus 7 one of APs and 3 hand painted versions.

Grey & Grey
Edition of 11

Pink & Blue Bevel
Edition of 13

Yellow & Blue
Edition of 13

Pink & Grey
Edition of 11

Grey on hand painted paper
Edition of 3