I had an amazing week in San Francisco with the WhitewallsSF family. Myself and fellow Agent Of Change – Steve More both did installations for our respective shows and worked our fingers to the bone.
Agent Of Change – Jerry (Joker) Inscoe also flew in from Portland to help us and generally to hang out and eat good food.

The show runs for another few weeks so if you’re in SF at all do stop by the gallery as Martina Merlini and Moneyless also have amazing shows running there.

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Photo by Steve more

Apologies to the Whitewalls crew for the ridiculous amounts of pink dust I created…

Photo by Designer151

My neon pink installation painting made the entire room pink in the sunlight

Photo by Charlie Vargas

Photo by Brock Brake

Weapons of mass abstraction

Steve More, Martina Merlini, Moneyless, Remi Rough & Poesia