Futurism 2.0 opened on Thursday night to one of the largest crowds I’ve seen at an exhibition in years!
As Kofie, Joker, Derm & myself pulled up outside in a cab I just couldn’t believe the queue…

Andrew McAtee, Shok1, Juice126, Lovepusher, Roids, Will Barras & System were just some of the artists that came out in support of the show. There were gallerists from some of London’s top galleries & all my friends & family were there to support too.

So anyway, here’s a few images from the show…
If you’re in East London then make sure you catch this show quickly as it ends on Tuesday night!

Iconoclast by Remi Rough
Mixed media on canvas
152.4cm x 91.4cm

Circulatory System No24 by Augustine Kofie
Mixed media on canvas
150cm x 150cm

Multiple layers of birch, poplar, paint & thread by Delta

OTwo, Joker & She One

Lenticular composition 2 Neither here nor there by Christopher Derek Bruno
Enamel on walnut

Untitled by Poesia
Enamel, acrylic & bitumen on canvas
117cm x 109cm

The legendary Juice 126 ponders…

Mixed media on mdf
122cm x 122cm

Future Backwards by Jaybo Monk
120cm x 130cm
Acrylic, spray paint & bitumen on canvas

Curves set by Nawer
Mixed media on canvas
Various sizes

Chromoflage by Sat One
Acrylic on canvas
110cm x 70cm

Joker, Nawer & Sat One

Residual Dynamic by Derm
Metal sculpture

Cristina, Me, Joker & Shok1

Me, Sat One, Lyken, Poesia, Juice 126, Derm, Phil Ashcroft, Part2ism, Derek Bruno, Augustine Kofie & Daniel Feral

Team Futurism 2.0

Team Futurism 2.0